STL System Optimization

Whether taking advantage of IP networks, 950 MHz links, or both, these informative videos will introduce you to various techniques and solutions aimed at improving your radio station's studio-to-transmitter link capabilities.
  Intraplex® LiveLook: Overview Tutorial

Used in conjunction with Intraplex IP Link, Intraplex LiveLook is a network optimization tool built around real-time, interactive monitoring and in-depth analysis/troubleshooting of IP transport architectures.

This overview will demonstrate LiveLook's features like LiveLook, history logs, reporting, custom settings, and more.

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  Leveraging Intraplex LiveLook Analytics to Optimize AoIP Performance | GatesAir Connect Webinar

An in-depth presentation detailing the benefits and features of our intelligent STL-over-IP monitoring and analytics tool, including the interplay with Intraplex IP Link’s network reliability techniques, and a demonstration of the basic usage of LiveLook. Presented by Keyur Parikh, Director of GatesAir's Intraplex Business Unit.
  950 MHz STL Networking using Intraplex HD Link | GatesAir Connect Webinar

GatesAir's Keyur Parikh discusses microwave studio-to-transmitter link solutions for today's radio transport requirements, featuring the industry's most advanced 950 MHz digital STL available: the Intraplex HD Link. With RF power to spare, an integrated IP gateway with sophisticated data handling capabilities, and multiple channels of audio, HD Link is designed to manage all FM and HD Radio transport scenarios.